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Weddings are our speciality

It's the most important part of the day - the wedding ceremony!  And no ceremony would be complete without the perfect wedding music.  We have several options for your perfect wedding ceremony.  

Aaaaand relax!  The wedding ceremony is complete, and it's time for a drink and some top quality chat.  Whether you prefer sophisticated jazz or chilled out Summer pop - we have it all covered.

Do you have that one special song?  The tearjerker?  The party-starter?  Well we will play your first dance song LIVE, creating the best, most memorable start to the party that you could possibly imagine.

Dancing - our raison d'être.  It's what we do!  Once Hand Fulla Soul get going, the dance floor will be packed, the vibe will be electric, and you and your guests will have the night of your life!

Music is KEY (see what we did there!) to giving your guests the best experience.  We have got options for every part of your big day.  

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