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Here are some of our most popular Wedding Ceremony Music options

Wedding Saxophone

Solo Saxophone

1 x Saxophone

There's nothing quite like the dulcet tones of a beautiful tenor saxophone to accompany you down the aisle.  Choose either completely solo for amazing impact, or with tasteful backing tracks for a more full sound.

Most cost effective when booking the 7-piece or larger.


Instrumental Duo

1 x Saxophone

1 x Guitar or Keyboard

A brilliantly flexible lineup with either guitar or keyboard as well as saxophone, the instrumental duo is a great addition to any wedding ceremony.  The repertoire pulls the best from classic jazz and chilled pop and soul to perfectly compliment your ceremony.


Vocal Duo

1 x Singer (female)

1 x Guitar or Keyboard

Do you have that perfect song to create the perfect entrance?  Then have one of our amazing singers accompany you down the aisle for ultimate tearjerker moment!

The Vocal Duo is available when booking any of our full HFS lineups.


Wandering Hands

1 x Lead Singer (and acoustic guitar)

1 x Acoustic Guitar (with backing vocals)

1 x Saxophone (with backing vocals)

A strolling, acoustic trio made up of two guitars, saxophone and perfect three-part harmonies.  The Wandering Hands bring a fun and interactive element to any event.  With the ability to perform ANYWHERE as there is no equipment, the Wandering Hands are great for any occasion.  

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