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Limited availability of your preferred entertainers?

Overcoming the Frustration of Limited Availability of Preferred Entertainers for Your Event

Planning a wedding or corporate event involves careful consideration of various elements, including entertainment. However, one common frustration that event organisers face is the limited availability of their preferred entertainers. You have a specific vision in mind, and you want the perfect entertainment to bring it to life. So, how can you ensure that your preferred entertainers are available for your special day?

How Hand Fulla Soul Can Help:


Hand Fulla Soul recognises the importance of securing the entertainment you desire for your event. Here's how we address the frustration of limited availability:

  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand that event dates can vary, and we strive to accommodate your schedule. By booking well in advance, you increase your chances of securing our talented musicians for your event.

  • Multiple Ensembles: Hand Fulla Soul offers various ensemble options, ensuring that we have backup musicians and configurations available. This flexibility allows us to adapt to your needs, even if your preferred lineup is unavailable.

  • Early Booking: To secure your preferred entertainers, it's advisable to book early. Our booking process is straightforward, and we encourage clients to reserve their date as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Alternative Recommendations: In the rare instance when your preferred entertainers are unavailable, we can provide alternative recommendations within our network of talented musicians who uphold the same standards of excellence.


We believe that your event deserves the entertainment you envision, and we're committed to making it happen. Don't let limited availability frustrate your plans; let Hand Fulla Soul provide the exceptional entertainment you desire.

To explore our availability and secure your preferred entertainers, visit Hand Fulla Soul's website and get started on planning your unforgettable event.

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